The National Museum of Ethnology (Minpaku) is a research center for ethnology and cultural anthropology.

Ethnic Cultures Abroad: People Moving, Cultures Mixing

Ethnic Cultures Crossing Borders:
People Moving, Cultures Mixing
September 9, 1999 to January 11, 2000


Is it the destiny of all minorities' cultures to decline and to be swept away by globalization in a system where the economy is all that matters? Our answer is of course “NO”.  Ethnic cultures have some sort of hidden power which manifests itself in the popularity of ethnic arts from the extreme north, the desert and the tropics, of Gamelan (traditional Indonesian music) in Japan, of Taiko (Japanese) drums in the States and of movies made in India, where more movies are produced every year than in Hollywood .  Another case in point is the high number of foreigners living in Japan who come from many different cultural backgrounds and also the variety of calenders other than the Catholic Calender.  In addition, we would like to draw your attention to the world map which shows the variety of races who share and live in this world together and who try to keep their identities.  This exhibition shows that we are fast becoming one and that people from different cultures and ethnic backgrounds will live with each other in a multicultural and multilingual society. 
Number of exhibits: about 1,800 items
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