The National Museum of Ethnology (Minpaku) is a research center for ethnology and cultural anthropology.

Seoul Style 2002: Life as It Is with the Lee Family


The year 2002 is designated as "The Year of Japan - ROK National Exchange in 2002". Would you like to experience the ordinary life of our neighboring country, something that we have never seen on our sightseeing trips? Here packed together is the whole life of the Lee family, living in an apartment in Seoul. Learn about the Seoul style, full of surprise, sympathy and wisdom.
On the first floor, all the belongings of the Lee family are displayed to reproduce their apartment. Please look at these real things, the furniture, clothes, bedding, foods in a refrigerator, salary account, report card from school. Altogether, there are more than three thousand and several hundred objects. From home to school, workplace, market, and hometown, we can see them studying Hungul at school, sipping a drink at a stand after work, having a sauna on the way to shopping, reconfirming the bond with ancestors on the occasion of visiting graves in the hometown. These are the activities of present life in Korea, 2002.
On the second floor, the life of Korean people, from birth to death is introduced.
In this exhibition, the National Museum of Ethnology hopes you enjoy contact with Korean culture in the same easy way as dropping in on your neighborhood friends.
[Exhibition hosts]
National Museum of Ethnology, National Folk Museum of Korea
[Supporting organizations]
Japan Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Japan Foundation, Japan-Korea Cultural Foundation, Yomiuri Shinbun Osaka Headquarter, Yomiuri Television, NHK Osaka TV, Korean Cultural Service at Embassy of the ROK in Japan, Korean Cultural Service of Kansai at Consulate-General of the ROK in Osaka, Korean National Tourism Organization, Korea Agricultural Trade and Information Center in Osaka, Korean Education Center in Osaka, Korean Residents' Union in Japan (Osaka Head Office), Korea Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Osaka, Osaka Prefecture, Osaka Prefectural Board of Education, and the Suita City Board of Education
Ajinomoto Co., Inc., Nissin Food Products Co., Moranbon, Tokuyama Bussan Corporation, and YOUKI Food Co.
[Special Cooperation]
Seoul Banweon Elementary School
Senri Foundation, Japan Expo Memorial Association