The National Museum of Ethnology (Minpaku) is a research center for ethnology and cultural anthropology.

Minpaku Kids’ World: Objects as Ties between Children and Their Society

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Minpaku Kids' World: Objects as ties between Children and their Society

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Children's Playground 2F Behind the Scenes at Minpaku Museum
Children's Wardrobe
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[Second Floor]
On the second floor, there is an interactive exhibit. Enjoy Minpaku, observing materials in the Museum as though you were a researcher, or trying to play some of the old-fashioned games played in Japan.
Materiatheque (2006 version)
A lot of information about artifacts in the Museum is available by using IT technology. Satisfy your curiosity about any of the objects you have seen by searching for them on the computer.
Children’s Playground
Spinning tops, elastic jumping ropes, cup-and-ball toys, folding paper (origami), card-flipping game (menko), playing at housekeeping, etc. Let’s play together even if you have never tried them.
Children’s Wardrobe
Imagination and creation are the special ability of children who can transform themselves with familiar items. In this area, children are able to produce something special from everyday items.
Behind the Scenes at Minpaku Museum
One of the roles of Minpaku is to inform people of the results of our research and studies, as well as to preserve and pass down the materials to future generations. Part of the backstage activities at the Museum, such as checking and cataloguing of artifacts, as well as researchers’ activities, are introduced.
Tree of Our Names
A name is the first thoughtful present that adults give to a child. Each generation has a different naming fashion. Popular names differ depending on the period when one is born. On top of the lists of popular names of past years in Japan, we have the Tree of Our Names. Pick up a tag to write down your name and its meaning and add it to the tree. Can you find a name in the tree that is the same as someone you know?
Admission Charges (good for an admission for both Permanent and Special Exhibition Halls):
Adults ¥420 (Individual) / ¥350 (Group: 20 persons or more)
Students ¥250 (Individual) / ¥200 (Group: 20 persons or more)
Children ¥110 (Individual) / ¥90 (Group: 20 persons or more)
* A discounted rate is applicable for the following visitors (an ID is required): Visitors doing research for university coursework (conditions apply), repeat visitors within 3 months, and people over 65. For more details, please check our website or contact us.
* Admission is free every Saturday for primary school, junior high school, and high school students.
* Admission is free on May 5.