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The Great Ocean Voyage: Vaka Moana and Island Life Today

The Great Ocean Voyage: Vaka Moana and Island Life Today

The Pacific Ocean occupies one third of the surface of Earth, but its islands were first explored by Europeans only 400 years ago. Thousands of years before this, other people had already begun navigating across this world of water, reaching completely uninhabited and unexplored islands. They were the Austronesian peoples, ancestors of the Polynesians. They crossed the Pacific and Indian Oceans from Southeast Asia in a global-scale movement that reached Easter Island in the east, New Zealand in the south, and Madagascar in the west.

The National Museum of Ethnology opened to the public in November, 1977, and is having its 30th Anniversary in Autumn 2007. Our Special Exhibition, The Great Ocean Voyage is being held to celebrate the occasion.

This exhibition combines Vaka Moana, a traveling exhibition from New Zealand, with our own exhibition, Island Life Today, which presents life-stories from the Oceanic world over the last thirty years.

Vaka Moana includes canoes, first-class artifacts and archaeological materials from museums inside and outside New Zealand. Visitors can experience a realistic recreation of the main voyaging techniques of the great navigators, and can learn the story of their explorations. The exhibition is organized by Auckland Museum -Tamaki Paenga Hira, Auckland, New Zealand.

In Island Life Today, we use valuable ethnographic materials to introduce the huge variety of life-styles among descendants of the oceanic voyagers.

Please enjoy learning about the history and present life of Oceanic peoples whose ancestors were great voyagers. We hope visitors to this exhibition will also gain an understanding of the real Oceania, beyond the usual image of 'Paradise'. The Great Ocean Voyage is an opportunity for all of us to think about the future of Oceania, and our own voyages.
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Period: Thursday, 13th Sept. - Tuesday, 11th Dec.
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