The National Museum of Ethnology (Minpaku) is a research center for ethnology and cultural anthropology.

Staff Members

Department of Advanced Studies in Anthropology・Research Fellows
Research Specialization
  • Cultural anthropology, Anthropology of dance and drama, Material studies.
Individual Research Projects
  • Anthropology of Balinese Performing arts, especially masked drama and gamelan music.
Personal website

Academic Qualifications

  • B.A. International Christian University 2000
  • M.A. University of Tsukuba 2002
  • PhD University of Tsukuba 2012

Research Interests

Agency and materiality of masks in Balinese performing arts
Physical disability and comedy in Balinese drama
Globalization of Balinese performing arts

Current Research Topics

How replicated masks work in Balinese society: a case study of topeng legong in Ketewel.
How "non-sacred" masks work in Balinese tourism: a case study of Barong dance.
Actors and actress with physical disabilities in Balinese society: their artistic practice and experience.
Globalization of Balinese performing arts and material culture: new social life of masks and musical instruments brought abroad.

Research Keywords

Mask, objects, materiality, replica, Indonesia, Bali, tourism, ritual, body, drama, comedy, globalization.

Selected Publications

Temporal Face and Temporal Body : Balinese Masked Dance Drama as an Assemblage of Humans and Material Things. Japanese Journal of Cultural Anthropology 76(1): 11-32. (in Japanese)
Masks nurturing the performing arts: Topeng, a Balinese masked dance drama. In Tokoro, I. and K. Kawai (eds.) The Anthropology of Things, pp. 191-210. Kyoto, Kyoto University Press. (in Japanese)
Changes in the Forms of Balinese Mask Dance Topeng : Continuity and Discontinuity between Ritual and Entertainment. Journal of modern languages & cultures 2: 53-89. (in Japanese)
Balinese mask dance drama topeng wali and its “audience": Between theatre and ritual. Tohogaku (Eastern Studies) 117: 156-139. (in Japanese)
The Balinese masked dance topeng and gender: a case study of the Luh Luwih female dance troop. Cultural Exchange Studies. 3: 69-90. (in Japanese)