The National Museum of Ethnology (Minpaku) is a research center for ethnology and cultural anthropology.

Individual Research Projects

  • YOSHIDA Kenji:Studying the Creation, Transmission, and Representation of Culture: A Museological Approach
Department of Advanced Human Sciences
  • IIZUMI Naoko:Implementing Curricula for Training Academic Sign Language Interpreters and Their Evaluation
  • KAWASE Itsushi:Exploring Anthropological Films that Mediate and Promote Communication
  • KIKUSAWA Ritsuko:Comparative Morphosyntax of Austronesian Languages: Re-examining the Development of the So-called Passives
  • SAGARA Keiko:Historical Changes in Japanese Sign Language and Taiwan Sign Language: Applying Historical-sociolinguistic Methods to Sign Language
  • SONODA Naoko:Storage re-organization for sustainable collection management
  • DEGUCHI Masayuki:Transformative Researches on the Third Sector
  • HIDAKA Shingo:Rediscovery of regional culture in the Japanese archipelago and construction of the representational system
  • FUKUOKA Shota:A Study on the Influences of Audiovisual Media on Traditional Performing Arts
  • MARUKAWA Yuzo:The Informatics of Association and Information Services for Cultural Assets
  • YAMAMOTO Yasunori:Relationship between Museum Objects, Information and Exhibition
  • YOKOYAMA Hiroko:An Anthropological Study on the Dynamics of Culture and Society in East Asia
  • YOSHIOKA Noboru:Descriptive Linguistics for Northern Pakistan Languages
Department of Cross-Field Research
  • UDAGAWA Taeko:Reconsideration and Reconstruction of the Public and the Intimate
  • OTA Shimpei:Integration and variation of socio-cultures in Korea
  • KASHINAGA Masao:1. Scripts and Texts of the Tai Dam in Vietnam 2. Cultural Anthropology of the Boxing in Southeast Asia
  • HAN Min:Cross-field Research on Society, History and Symbols
  • KONAGAYA Yuki:Reframing images of Mongolia: Photographic records from the 19th century to early 20th century
  • SHINMEN Mitsuhiro:Romanian Intellectuals in the World after the World War Ⅱ
  • SUGASE Akiko:Representation of Religious Identity among the East Mediterranean Arabs
  • NIWA Norio:The Anthropology of Support: Altruism in Politics, Sports, and Fan Culture
  • HIRAI Kyonosuke:An Anthropological Study of Minamata Disease Victims Support Movements
  • MATTHEWS, Peter J.:1. Mapping Genetic Diversity in Taro  2. Conservation of Traditional Plant Knowledge Among Ethnic Minorities in Marginal Areas, and Assessment of the Impacts of Local and Global Development 3. Natural and Cultural History of the Paper Mulberry (Broussonetia papyrifera) in Asia and the Pacific  4. George Brown Collection Info-Forum Project 5.Ethnography of Archaeology: Diversity in the Production, Utilization, and Transformation of Archaeological Knowledge
  • MATSUO Mizuho:Anthropological Study on Reproduction and Bodily Substance in India
Department of Modern Society and Civilization
  • IKEYA Kazunobu:On the study of Human Civilization about Animal Husbandry in the Tropics
  • INTOH Michiko:Human Dispersals and Adaptation to Island Environments
  • UEBA Yoko:An Ethno-Artistic study of Handicraft Culture in contemporary India
  • UDA Shuhei:A comparative study of cormorant fishing culture
  • SAITO Akira:A Comprehensive Study of the Viceroy Toledo's General Resettlement in the Colonial Andes
  • SUZUKI Motoi:The Outline of Contemporary Civilizations in Latin America
  • SEKI Yuji:Studies on the Formation of Power in the Ancient Andes
  • TERAMURA Hirohumi:Digitization of information about cultural resources and its utilization method
  • HAYASHI Isao:Memories of Disasters: Remains and Narratives
  • FUJIMOTO Toko:Anthropological Study on Society, Religion, and Body in Kazakhstan
Department of Globalization and Humanity
  • AISHIMA Hazuki:Aesthetics and Body Culture in Contemporary Egypt
  • KAWAI Hironao:1. Anthropological Studies on Urban Landscape in the Hakka Districts, China 2. Multi-sited Works on the Hakka and Hakka Cultures in the Pacific Rim 3. Anthropological Studies on Foodscape
  • SUZUKI Nanami:Comparative Research on Aging-in-place and Narratives in Aging Societies
  • SUZUKI Hideaki:Coastal Swahili Society in World History
  • NISHIO Tetsuo:Globalization and popular cultures in the Middle East
  • NOBUTA Toshihiro:An Anthropological Study on Southeast Asian Culture
  • HIROSE Koujirou:An Anthropological Study of the Concept of “Barrier-free”
  • MIO Minoru:Anthropological Study on Transformation of Religion and Culture in Western India
  • MISHIMA Teiko:An Anthropological Study of the Formation and Succession of African Traders' Wealth
  • MINAMI Makito:Study of Reconfiguration of Societies after the 2015 Nepal Gorkha Earthquake
  • MORI Akiko:Rethinking Anthropological Comparison
Center for Cultural Resource Studies
  • IIDA Taku:Theoretical Studies in the Anthropology of Cultural Heritage
  • ITO Atsunori:Research on the Collaborative Management of Native American Collections in Japanese Museums
  • KISHIGAMI Nobuhiro:An Anthropological Study of Historical Change and Current Status among Indigenous Societies of Canada
  • SAITO Reiko:The Inheritance and Social Context of Aynu Culture
  • SASAHARA Ryoji:The Diversity of the Lion Dance in Japan
  • SATO Koji:A Reconstruction of the History of Wooden-Houses in Southeast Asia
  • TERADA Yoshitaka:Roles of museums and archives in safeguarding performing arts and practical applications of audiovisual media
  • NOBAYASHI Atsushi:Anthropology of tools and techniques for getting ecological resources
  • YAMANAKA Yuriko:Comparative Study of Marvels and the Uncanny: Human Imagination and the Natural World