The National Museum of Ethnology (Minpaku) is a research center for ethnology and cultural anthropology.

Individual Research Projects

  • YOSHIDA Kenji:Study of creation, transmission, and representation of culture:a museum-anthropological approach 
Department of Advanced Human Sciences
  • IIZUMI Naoko:Implementing Curricula for Training Academic Sign Language Interpreters and Their Evaluation
  • KAWASE Itsushi:Exploring Anthropological Films that Mediate and Promote Communication
  • KIKUSAWA Ritsuko:Application of the Geographic Information System (GIS) to the Historical Analyses of Fijian Languages
  • SAGARA Keiko:Historical Changes in Japanese Sign Language and Taiwan Sign Language: Applying Historical-Sociolinguistic Methods to Sign Language
  • SONODA Naoko:Storage re-organization for sustainable collection management
  • DEGUCHI Masayuki:1. Transformative Researches on the Third Sector 2. Fieldwork to cyberspace
  • HIDAKA Shingo:Rediscovery of regional culture in the Japanese archipelago and construction of the representational system
  • FUKUOKA Shota:A Study on Influences of Audiovisual Media on Traditional Performing Arts
  • MARUKAWA Yuzo:The Informatics of Association and Information Services for Cultural Assets
  • YAGI Yuriko:An anthropological study on possession and transmission of religious objects in Andean area
  • YAMAMOTO Yasunori:Relationship between Museum Objects, Information, and Exhibition
  • YOSHIOKA Noboru:Descriptive Linguistics for Northern Pakistan Languages
Department of Cross-Field Research
  • UDAGAWA Taeko:Reconsideration and Reconstruction of the Public and the Intimate
  • OTA Shimpei:Integration and variation of socio-cultures in Korea
  • KASHINAGA Masao:1. Scripts and Texts of the Tai Dam in Vietnam 2. Cultural Anthropology of the Boxing in Southeast Asia
  • HAN Min:Cross-field Research on Society, History and Symbols
  • KONAGAYA Yuki:Reframing images of Mongolia: Photographic records from the 19th century to early 20th century
  • SHINMEN Mitsuhiro:Intellectuals under socialist regime in Romania
  • SUGASE Akiko:Representation of Religious Identity among the East Mediterranean Arabs
  • NIWA Norio:The Anthropology of Support: Altruism in Politics, Sports, and Fan Culture
  • MATTHEWS, Peter J.:1. Mapping Genetic Diversity in Taro to Test Domestication Theories 2. Plant genetic resources and related traditional knowledge in semi-autonomous ethnic minority areas with political and geographic isolation 3. The Asaeda Toshio Collection: Construction of a database with a focus on Asaeda’s ethnographic work in Oceania, an Info-forum Museum project of the National Museum of Ethnology
  • MATSUO Mizuho:A Study on Transformation of Reproduction and Bodily substances in South Asia
Department of Modern Society and Civilization
  • IKEYA Kazunobu:Global Environmental History of Hunter-Gatherers
  • UEBA Yoko:An Ethno-Artistic study of Handicraft Culture in contemporary India
  • UDA Shuhei:A comparative study of cormorant fishing culture
  • SAITO Akira:A Comprehensive Study of the Viceroy Toledo’s General Resettlement in the Colonial Andes
  • SUZUKI Motoi:The Outline of Contemporary Civilizations in Latin America
  • SEKI Yuji:Studies on the Formation of Power in the Ancient Andes
  • TERAMURA Hirohumi:Research on the Formation of Ancient Silk Road Cities and East West Exchange of People and Cultures
  • HIRAI Kyonosuke:An Anthropological Study of the Genesis of ‘Negative Heritage’ in the Post-Conflict Era of Minamata City
  • FUJIMOTO Toko:Anthropological Study on Society, Religion, and Traditional Medicine in Kazakhstan
Department of Globalization and Humanity
  • AISHIMA Hazuki:Aesthetics and Body Culture in Contemporary Egypt
  • KAWAI Hironao:1. Anthropological Studies on landscape and Foodscape 2. Multi-sited Works on the Hakka and Hakka Cultures in the Pacific Rim
  • SUZUKI Nanami:Age-friendly Communities in Super Aged Societies: Seeking Diverse Options for Intergenerational Communication and Learning
  • NISHIO Tetsuo:Globalization and popular cultures in the Middle East
  • NOBUTA Toshihiro:1. An Anthropological Study on Southeast Asian Culture 2. An Anthropological Study on Inclusive Society
  • HIROSE Koujirou:An Anthropological Study of the Concept of ‶ Barrier-Free″
  • MIO Minoru:Anthropological Study on Transformation of Religion and Culture in Western India
  • MISHIMA Teiko:An Anthropological Study of the Formation and Succession of African Traders’ Wealth
  • MINAMI Makito:Study of Reconfiguration of Societies after the 2015 Nepal Gorkha Earthquake
  • MORI Akiko:An anthropological study on the meaning of the social and its universality across cultures
Center for Cultural Resource Studies
  • IIDA Taku:Intangibility of Material Heritage and Materiality of Intangible Heritage in Africa
  • ITO Atsunori:Research on the Collaborative Management of Native American Collections in Japanese Museums
  • KISHIGAMI Nobuhiro:A Comparative Study of Current Status of Whaling Activities in Indigenous Societies of North America
  • SAITO Reiko:Inheritance of Ainu Culture and its Social Context
  • SASAHARA Ryoji:The Various aspects of a toy and the play of the child as the folk culture
  • SATO Koji:A Reconstruction of the History of Wooden-Houses in Southeast Asia
  • TERADA Yoshitaka:1. Performing arts and conviviality 2. String Instruments of South Asia: Dissemination and change
  • NOBAYASHI Atsushi:Anthropology of tools and techniques for getting ecological resources
  • HAYASHI Isao:Mediums in Recollecting Disaster Experience:Remains, Monuments, Narratives
  • YAMANAKA Yuriko:Comparative Study of Marvels and the Uncanny: Human Imagination and the Natural World