The National Museum of Ethnology (Minpaku) is a research center for ethnology and cultural anthropology.

The Study of Formational Process of the Collection produced by Attic Museum

Joint Research Coordinator KONDO Masaki

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The National Museum of Ethnology is putting in place and expanding a database for the former collection of games and folk crafts of the Attic Museum (included among the materials transferred from the materials repository of the National Institute of Japanese Literature), and is now proceeding with putting the materials in order so that they can be opened to the public at the earliest possible date. In joint research during this fiscal year, among our discoveries was the fact that some of the groups of materials provided from the Attic Museum during its early days were stored at Hokkaido University. Based on the results of this joint research, various members of the joint research team participated in diverse activities, including open courses at Kanagawa University, planned exhibitions at the Yokohama History Museum, and in cooperation with those two parties held open symposiums at the Society for MINGU of Japan. For this fiscal year we are already able to cite numerous achievements. During 2003 we will attempt to produce a digital guide for part of the Attic Museum’s former collection of folk craft, while also editing studies by various members of the joint research committee and publishing their results.