The National Museum of Ethnology (Minpaku) is a research center for ethnology and cultural anthropology.

Conservation Strategy for the Collections of the National Museum of Ethnology

Joint Research Coordinator SONODA Naoko

Reserch Theme List


This research, after gaining a comprehensive understanding of the specimen materials, library materials, audio-visual materials and other types of research materials in the collections of the National Museum of Ethnology, seeks to establish prioritized conservation strategies especially for critical needs issues. During the second year of the two-year plan, we will pursue research and development centered on the following two issues.

  1. Protection of ethnological materials from insects: While completing the test conditions for the heat application insect extermination continued from the first year, we will also investigate the possibilities for new low temperature insect extermination methods.
  2. Concerning the acidic paper problem with library materials, in tandem with the scientific research subsidy project continuing from the first year, we seek to develop methods for strengthening difficult-to-examine library materials, by choosing a reinforcement agent or coating / fixating treatment on paper surface.

In all situations at the stage where practical application is in sight, we will entrust the actual application to outside professionals. Hopefully, by directly facing issues of conservation for MINPAKU stored materials, we will discover solutions, and make it possible for these research materials to be used more effectively.