The National Museum of Ethnology (Minpaku) is a research center for ethnology and cultural anthropology.

Culture Heritage Management and Tourism

Joint Research Coordinator NISHIYAMA Noriaki (Special Guest Researcher)

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Japan has been on a par with Western nations in terms of research technology development in archeology, architecture and others fields related to the preservation and care of cultural heritage items in the nations of Asia and the Pacific. Still as far as post-care sustained management and use of such heritage items are concerned, especially in regards to tourism development aspects, we have noticeably lagged in research and policy development.
This research is designed to implement the results of the joint research project “Comprehensive Research on Self-Controlled Tourism” (organizer ISHIMORI Shuzo) conducted from FY1999-2001. While providing comprehensive clarification on the management and tourism development for cultural heritage sites in the Asia-Pacific region surrounding Japan, we intend to verify and classify specific examples of the unique heritage management methods and methods for controlling the tourism phenomena for world heritage and various other cultural sites, with the objective of developing models for building sustainable relationships between heritage management and tourism.
This joint research will have the special characteristic and significance of comprehensive research based on actual field research on these kinds of specific social issues by researchers from a wide variety of disciplines, including cultural anthropology, urban planning, sociology, economics, environmental planning, management and tourism design.