The National Museum of Ethnology (Minpaku) is a research center for ethnology and cultural anthropology.

Studies of Sound Culture and Performing Arts in the Islamic World through Inter-arts

Joint Research Coordinator MIZUNO Nobuo (Special Guest Researcher)

Reserch Theme List


The applicant from FY1998-2000 was in charge of the overseas academic research with a scientific research subsidy entitled “Comparative Research concerning Contemporary Changes to the Sound Culture and Performing Culture of the Middle East and North Africa.” In March 2001, the applicant compiled a research report under the same title. This joint research, in contrast to the research based on fieldwork, attempts to continue the research mainly through desk work. To do so we will adopt an inter-arts theoretical approach to establish the connections among poetry, literature, painting, design (arabesque), and architecture for the sound culture and performing culture of the Islamic World, through multifaceted analytical consideration. By doing so, we believe that we should be able to more effectively identify the sensibilities and feelings universal in the Islamic world. This research committee will keep in mind the standpoint of the related MINPAKU exhibition on the Arabian Nights scheduled to be held in FY2004, as well as discussing various other issues of interest to the theme “the Museum and Musicology.”