The National Museum of Ethnology (Minpaku) is a research center for ethnology and cultural anthropology.

An Anthropological Study on the Flexible Interface of Family with Society: The (De)Institutionalization of Parenting Service and Nursing Care

Joint Research Coordinator MORI Akiko

Reserch Theme List


the social, network, care


In this project we think of care for parenting and nursing as exchanged services that border on both family and society, and compare and research the conditions for (de)institutionalizing these services. Our aim is to elucidate how human society has composed and will re-compose the interface of family and society.
Some services for parenting children or nursing the aged and sick can be provided by anyone offering support, even if they are from outside the family. Moreover, societies have developed some systems for providing services; Services provided by any authority are termed "welfare". However, the system of welfare as we know it is now coming under review. While there seem to be deinstitutionalizing welfare in some welfare states, some regions with premature government policies are developing original systems to exploit networks. Referencing the viewpoint of Jacques Donzelot, the author of "The Policing of Families", the project will consider each case where parenting and nursing care has been (de)institutionalized in each context. This project is planed reflecting the growing concern for a new way of thinking about a contemporary society.