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The Modernization of Lifestyles Seen from Everyday Utensils and Home Appliances and Its International Applicability

Joint Research Coordinator KAGAMI Haruya

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daily utensils, home appliances, modern life style


This study considers the generality of modernization, along with the individuality of different countries and the factors that contribute to it. A careful examination will be made of everyday utensils from around the world related to clothing, food, and housing, and seek to demonstrate how the changes in them reflect change from a traditional to a modern lifestyle. At the same time, an international survey will be made of both universal and different aspects of modern lifestyles. The average citizen generally experiences modernization of national systems and household economies through changes in lifestyle. The modernization of lifestyles is linked with the reinvention of clothing, kitchen utensils, furniture, and room arrangements. Based on studies of material culture that address changes in everyday utensils, this study aims to reveal how modernization has changed lifestyles. Worldwide uniformity can be seen in modernized lifestyles, whereas differences among nations stemming from traditional clothing, food, and housing customs are also expected. This suggests that the process of modernization is influenced by cultural differences. The study also considers the general theory of "modernization" from the perspective of material culture.