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The Arabian Nights and Orientalism

June 11, 2006 Publication

Yuriko Yamanaka, Tetsuo Nishio 著

英国・ロンドン IB Tauris&Co., Ltd



The Arabian Nights and Orientalism in Resonance was especially commissioned to celebrate the tercentenary of the first Western edition of The Arabian Nights. This volume marries Western and Japanese perspectives on The Arabian Nights to provide a fascinating study of how this literary phenomenon brought about a unique and rich cross-cultural fertilization. The volume is divided into three sections: the first part deals with narrative motifs and styles; the second part examines the 'Nights' from a comparative point of view and the third part unfolds the relationship between the written text and its pictorial representation. Extensively illustrated throughout, The Arabian Nights and Orientalism in Resonance will be of interest to scholars of the Middle East as well as anyone who has ever fallen under the spell of Scheherazade's stories.