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Cities in South Asia

April 29, 2015 Publication

Crispin Bates、Minoru Mio 著






1 Introduction: the city in South Asia Crispin Bates
PartI Ideologies of city making: the formation of the Indian city
2 Cities in India: an archaeological perspective Junichi Fukao
3 Who built‘the city of victory'? Representation of a 'Hindu' capital in an 'Islamicate' world Nobuhiro Ota
PartII Politics of town planning: colonial and postcolonial
4 Patrick Geddes and the metropolis Partho Datta
5 Islam and development in urban space: planning 'official' Karachi in the 1950s Markus Daechsel
6 Slums and the global city: housing plans in Dharavi, Mumbai Roma Chatterji
7 Cities within and beyond the plan Solomon Benjamin
PartIII The city as an arena for struggles among multiple identities
8 The city as nation: Delhi as the Indian nation in Begali bhadralok travelogues 1866-1910 Sandeep Banerjee and Subho Basu
9 The multilingual city of Bombay and the formation of linguistic states, 1947-60 Riho Isaka
10 Durga Puja and neighbourhood in a displaced persons' colony in New Delhi Tetsuya Nakatani
11 Urban thresholds: crevices, crossroads and magic remainders Parvis Ghassem-Fachandi
PartIV Lived cities: views of cities from the ground
12 'Fight the Filth': civic sense and middle-class activism in Mumbai Yoko Taguchi
13 Community of retrospect: spirit cults and locality in an old city of Rajasthan Minoru Mio
14 Solving family problems: the role of religious practices for the Indian middle class Mizuho Matsuo
PartV Subaltern practices and discourses in urban situations
15 News, gossip and humour: street perspectives from colonial Calcutta Anindita Ghosh
16 The postcolonial street: patterns, modes and forms Ajay Gandhi
17 Life stories of the urban poor in Chittagong, Bangladesh Mineo Takada
PartVI Consumer culture in contemporary South Asian cities
18 Tourism, consumption and the transformation of Thamel, Nepal Isumi Morimoto
19 'Time gentlemen': Bangalore and its drinking cultures Aya Ikegame and Crispin Bates