The National Museum of Ethnology (Minpaku) is a research center for ethnology and cultural anthropology.
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Senri Ethnological Reports (SER)

The purpose of Senri Ethnological Reports is to publicize as quickly as possible the results of research conducted by the Museum’s faculty, cooperating faculty, and research fellows. SER publishes the results of field investigations regarding specific peoples, regions, or themes that require preliminary reports, as well as items of a source material nature such as bibliographies and data collections. Published in Japanese and other languages. Occasional publication.

The purpose of Senri Ethnological Reports is to support rapid reporting of individual, inter-university, and core research projects. The journal includes multiple- and single-author reports on specific ethnic groups, regions and themes, collection records, and raw field data. Any language can be used, and the series is irregular (usually about six issues per year). All contributions are reviewed by a museum editorial committee.
No.139 A Museum Managed by the Japanese Society of Ethnology: The Hoya Museum and a History of its Collections

[Latest Edition]February 25, 2017 Publication

Edited by Taku Iida, Toshio Asakura

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第1章 本書の成立と保谷民博資料の来歴について
第2章 保谷民博旧蔵資料の全容
第3章 保谷民博から民博に移管されながら未登録だった標本資料の履歴解明
 表1 保谷原簿との照合によって履歴が明らかになったX 番号資料
 表2  文部省史料館作成のカードおよび保谷原簿との照合によって

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