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Senri Ethnological Reports (SER)

The purpose of Senri Ethnological Reports is to publicize as quickly as possible the results of research conducted by the Museum’s faculty, cooperating faculty, and research fellows. SER publishes the results of field investigations regarding specific peoples, regions, or themes that require preliminary reports, as well as items of a source material nature such as bibliographies and data collections. Published in Japanese and other languages. Occasional publication.

The purpose of Senri Ethnological Reports is to support rapid reporting of individual, inter-university, and core research projects. The journal includes multiple- and single-author reports on specific ethnic groups, regions and themes, collection records, and raw field data. Any language can be used, and the series is irregular (usually about six issues per year). All contributions are reviewed by a museum editorial committee.
No.146 Satawalese Cultural Dictionary

[Latest Edition]March 16, 2018 Publication
Compiled by Sabino Sauchomal, Akimichi Tomoya, Ishimori Shuzo, Sudo Ken’ichi, Sugita Hiroshi, Kikusawa Ritsuko Edited by Lawrence A. Reid

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents
List of Tables
List of Figures
List of Maps
Grammatical Notes
Supplement to Grammatical Notes
Abbreviations Used in This Dictionary
 Listed by Functions
 Index to Abbreviations
Cultural Notes
 Cultural Note A. The World and Society
  §A1. Satawalese Cosmology: The Heavens, the Land and the Ocean
  §A2. Supernatural-beings and Human-beings
  §A3. Number Divination
  §A4. Human-beings in the World of Creatures, and Their Attributes
  §A5. Social Systems, Avoidance, and Gift Giving
  §A6. Land Use and Land Tenure
 Cultural Note B. Navigational Knowledge
  §B1. Division of the Ocean Space
  §B2. The Star Compass and Directional Orientations
  §B3. Island Directions
  §B4. Navigational Clues
  §B5. Schematic Mapping of Islands in the Ocean
  §B6. Route Maps
  §B7. Estimating Location During Navigation between Islands
 Cultural Note C. Stars, Winds, and the Calendar
 Cultural Note D. Food Resource Management and Fish-eating Regulations
  §D1. Food Resource Management
  §D2. Categories of Fish and Fish Taboos
 Cultural Note E. Canoe Parts and Words Related to Canoe Building
  §E1. Canoe Types
  §E2. Canoe Parts
  §E3. Canoe Building
 Cultural Note F. House Parts
 Index of Scientific Names for Plant, Fish and Other Creatures

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