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Senri Ethnological Reports (SER)

No.48 The Eternal Cycee: Ecology, Worldview and Ritual of Reindeer Herders of Northern Kamchatka

February 23, 2004 Publication

Takashi lrimoto

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1. The Reality of Russia
1.1 Meeting the Russian researchers
1.2 A Chukchee Joke
1.3 Kamchatka's Problem
2. The Reality of the Koryaks
2.1 Meeting the Koryaks
2.2 Natalia's Tears
2.3 Traditional Culture Still Living
3. The Reindeer Offering
3.1 Offering Reindeer to the Deceased
3.2 Reindeer Offering to the Spirit of the River
3.3 Reindeer Offering in the Land of Autumn
4. A Year In the Life of Koryaks
4.1 A Year of Reindeer Herding
4.2 A Year of Rituals and Feasts
4.3 The Koryak Calendar
5. The Entrance to the Spiritual World
5.1 The World on the Other Side
5.2 The Dream of Mukhomor
5.3 The Eternal Cycle
6. The Changing Lifestyle
6.1 Koryak Culture of the Past
6.2 The Changes in Reindeer Herding
6.3 The Changing Style of Houses
7. Koryak Society and Marriage
7.1 Reindeer Herding and Nimiyolgan
7.2 Marriage and Rules of Life
7.3 Names of Relatives and Marriage Restrictions
7.4 The Renewal of Marriage and Reindeer Inheritance
7.5 The Koryak Society And Its Changes
8. The Death Ritual of the Koryaks
8.1 Reunited with Alekseev and Natalia
8.2 Cremation and Wrestling
8.3 The Death Ritual as Told by Natalia
8.4 The Death Ritual as Told by Yuri
8.5 Rebirth into This World
8.6 The Death Ritual and the Koryak Worldview
9. The Real Fire
9.1 The Kilway Festival Celebrating the Birth of the Fawns
9.2 Yuri's Kilway
9.3 Alekseev and Natalia's Kilway
9.4 The Worldview in the Kilway
9.5 New Year's Festival and the Reindeer Head Dance
10. Daily Life
10.1 Alekseev's Life
10.2 Vakhtangov's Life
10.3 Day-to-day Life and Kinship
10.4 Alekseev and Bear-hunting
10.5 Shamans and Bears
10.6 The Koryak Hunting Festival
11. Future of the Koryaks
11.1 Prospect of Reindeer Herding
11.2 Lost Generation
11.3 Koryak Children

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