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Senri Ethnological Reports (SER)

No.107 A Herder, a Trader, and a Lawyer Three Twentieth-Century Mongolian Leaders

October 31, 2012 Publication

Interviews Conducted by Yuki Konagaya and I. Lkhagvasuren, Translated by Mary Rossabi, Edited and Compiled by Morris Rossabi

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Ⅰ.Renchin Minjuur (1914-2007)
1. Life Before Socialism and the Co-operatives
1.1. The Area of My Birthplace and My Growing Up
1.2. The Chinese Trader
1.3. The Methods of Herding
1.4. The Herding Business
1.5. Local Carpenters and Craftsmen
1.6. The Book I Wrote
1.7. My Star Medal
2. The Formation of the Socialist Co-operatives
2.1. Life in the Military
2.2. Postal Representative
2.3. My Family
2.4. Ulaan Baatar in the 1940s
2.5. Building the Negdel Movement
2.6. Leader of the Mörön Negdel
2.7. The Worker in the Ministry of the Interior
3. The Rural Negdel Economy
3.1. The Collectivization of the Herds
3.2. Regulations on Joining the Negdel>
3.3. Negdel Administration
3.4. Regulations Concerning the Appointment of the Negdel Leaders
3.5. The Negdel Leader
3.6. The School Dormitory
3.7. The Negdel Hotel
3.8. The Negdel Gardens
3.9. The Negdel Handicraft Industry
3.10. "Ikh Tamir" Sum "Gerelt Zam" Negdel
3.11. The Quality of the Herds
3.12. The Health of the Negdel and the Issue of Medical Treatment
3.13. The Dairy Industry
3.14. The Electric Station
3.15. Labor Hero as Negdel Leader
3.16. The Settlement Policy
4. My Life Changes
4.1. The Herders' Cultural Palace
4.2. The Work of Planting Vegetables
4.3. Bread
4.4. Russian Tea
4.5. Dairy Food
4.6. The Old City
4.7. Zaisan
4.8. The Relay
5. Gachuurt State Farm (One Day Later)
5.1. Mechanizing the Milk Farms
5.2. The End of Mechanizing the Milk Farms
5.3. The Possibilities of the Negdel
5.4. The Degradation of Nature
5.5. The Conditions of Negdel Trade and the Market
5.6. The Democratic Revolution
5.7. The Plan for the Negdel Standard
5.8. The Negdel's Economic Balance
5.9. Preparing Workers
5.10. The Fast Horses of "Ikh Tamir"
5.11. My Children
5.12. The Future Milk Farm
II. Yumjaagiin Ayush (1926- )
1. My Birthplace
2. Meeting my Older Brother
3. I have become a City Man
4. Moscow
5. The Co-operative Union
6. Foreign Trade is My Specialty
7. I am Deputy Minister at the Ministry of Foreign Trade
8. Our Family
9. Older Brother's Wife A. I. Filatova
III. Sanpilin Jalan-Aajav (1923-2007)
1. The Place where I was Born
2. Worker in the Lime Industry
3. I enter the State Party School
4. I become a Teacher in the School
5. The Study of Law
6. Chief Mongolian State Procurator
7. Leader of the Council of Ministers' Legal Committee
8. Organizing Mongolian Television
9. The Government
10. My Words about Yu. Tsedenbal
11. Victimization
Map of Mongolia

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