The National Museum of Ethnology (Minpaku) is a research center for ethnology and cultural anthropology.

Senri Ethnological Reports (SER)

No.112 Development Trajectories for Mongolian Women in and after Transition

March 28, 2013 Publication

Edited by Yuki Konagaya, Maqsooda S. Sarfi

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Part I: Women in Historical Review
1. The socialist period
2. Post-transition period
3. Democracy and market economy
4. National program on gender equality
5. Women's labor force
6. NGOs led by women
Part II: Interviews (Verbatim Transcription)
7. SANJAASUREN Oyun: Minister of Nature, Environment and Green Development, Mongolia
8. AGVAANLUVSAN Undraa: Deputy Director at Institute for Strategic Studies, National Security Council of Mongolia
9. MAGWAN Bilegt: President, Achlal Real Estate and Construction Company
10. SENDEN Enkhee: Owner, Chinese restaurant "Greenland" in Ulaanbaatar
11. ISHDORJ Saikhanaa: Owner President, Chinggis Guest House in Ulaanbaatar
12. NAMSRAI Suvd: Vice-Director of the State Drama Theatre, Honoured President, ITI Centre of Mongolia
13. HASHBAT Hulan: Governance Consultant and Former Democratic Party Parliament Member
14. JIGJIDSUREN Altantuya: Project Manager, Asian Development Bank, Mongolia
15. RADNAA Otoganbayar: The Chairperson of the Medical University of Mongolia, IMSHUS
16. MUNHJARGAL Tsog-Javh: President and CEO, Eagle Construction LLC
Part III: Conclusion
17. Looking to the Future

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