The National Museum of Ethnology (Minpaku) is a research center for ethnology and cultural anthropology.
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Senri Ethnological Studies (SES)

Senri Ethnological Studies presents individual works, article collections, and annotated bibliographies regarding specific peoples, regions, or themes, with the goal of publicizing in Japan and overseas the results of research conducted by the Museum. An occasional publication.
No. 91 Social Movements and the Production of Knowledge: Body, Practice, and Society in East Asia

[Latest Edition]July 31, 2015 Publication

Kyonosuke Hirai

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Kyonosuke Hirai
Social Movements and the Production of Knowledge: Body, Practice, and Society in East Asia
Kyonosuke Hirai

Part I

The Indigenous Land Rights Movement and Embodied Knowledge in Taiwan
Shu-Yuan Yang
Breaking Through Impasses in the Ainu Rights Recovery Movement: A Case Study of one Transformational Activist-Disciple Relationship
Jeff Gayman
The Care of Place: Contesting New Urbanism in Postauthoritarian Taiwan
Ya-Chung Chuang

Part II

Storytelling as Political Practice: Habitus and Social Change in the Minamata Disease Movement
Kyonosuke Hirai
The Significance of Museum Materials in the Name Correction Movement of the Pingpu Peoples of Taiwan
Atsushi Nobayashi
An Alternative Place for Women: A Case Study of Women's Support Activities in Japan
Mari Kagaya

Part III

Orchestrating Time: The Evolving Landscapes of Grassroots Activism in Neoliberal South Korea
Mun Young Cho
"Being Okinawan" Within and Beyond the Ethnic Boundary: The Process of Identity Formation in an Okinawan Cultural Activist Group in Osaka
Sumi Cho
Collection or Plunder: The Vanishing Sweet Memories of South Korea's Democracy Movement
Shimpei Cole Ota
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