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Senri Ethnological Studies presents individual works, article collections, and annotated bibliographies regarding specific peoples, regions, or themes, with the goal of publicizing in Japan and overseas the results of research conducted by the Museum. An occasional publication.
No. 90 Discourses on Family, Ethnicity, and State in China: Theoretical Explorations by East Asian Anthropologists

[Latest Edition]November 21, 2014 Publication


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Discourses on Family, Ethnicity, and State in China:
Theoretical Explorations by East Asian Anthropologists

Part 1 Family, Ethnicity and State as Frameworks for Studying Chinese Society

A Family and House of Han Chinese: Viewed from My Social Anthropological Research in East Asia
Minzu Identity under the Nation-State Context, Ethnic Identity in the Local Discourse:
Case Studies in the Zang (Tibetan)-Yi Corridor
WENG Naiqun
The State-Society Relations in the Anthropological Study of China
KIM Kwang Ok
Strangers and Acquaintances: Interpersonal Relationships in the Society of China

Part 2 Exploiting Resources of Ethnicity and Cultural Heritage

The Discourses of Tunbao Culture and the Cultural Resource Management
TSUKADA Shigeyuki
Tourism Exploitation of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of the Mongolian: A Case Study on the Memorial Ceremony for Genghis Khan
SE Yin
Ethnic Discourse and Social Space:
The Social Production of Hakka Space in Guangxi and Sichuan
KAWAI Hironao
The Protection of the Intangible Cultural Heritage and Transmission of Folk Culture: The Case of Shaoxiang( incense burning) in the Kuandian County of Liaoning Province
LIU Zhengai
Ethnic Dress as the Brand and Fashion: A Case Study of the Process of Ready-Made Production among Miao (Hmong) in Wenshan, Yunnan
Contemporary Changes of Shamanism among Daur people:
A Case Study of Ominin Ritual
WU Fengling

Part 3  Formation of Ethnicity and Cultural Construction
      from Historical Perspectives

The Relationship between Enterprise and Government:
Case Study on Two "Chinese Old Brand" Companies (Heniantang, Tongrentang)
ZHANG Jijiao
The Reconstruction of the Ethnic Minorities' Concentrated Residential Area:
The Case of Xian's "Hui Quarter"
IMANAKA Takafumi
The Formation of Chaoxianzu from Perspectives of Nation, Society and Ethnicity
LI Haiyan
Historical Memories in the Discourses of Daily Life:
The Muslim People's Rebellion in Shaanxi during the Tongzhi Period of the Qing Dynasty
TAMURA Kazuhiko
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