The National Museum of Ethnology (Minpaku) is a research center for ethnology and cultural anthropology.

Research supervisors

Faculty by specialty, in alphabetical order

April 1, 2017

The Department of Regional Studies The Department of Comparative Studies


FUJIMOTO Toko [Cultural anthropology, Central Asian studies]

HAYASHI Isao [Social structure, cosmology, risk and disaster; Melanesia, Polynesia,Japan]

IKEYA Kazunobu [Environmental anthropology, cultural geography; Southern Africa, Japan]

INTOH Michiko [Prehistory of Oceania; Oceania, Island Southeast Asia]

ITO Atsunori [Social anthropology, Native American studies, indigenous arts and intellectual property issues]

KASHINAGA Masao [Ethnography of Southeast Asia; Vietnam, Tai area]

KAWAI Hironao

MINAMI Makito [Forms of Social Inclusion: Challenges by Trial and Error in New Nepal]

MIO Minoru [Religious anthropology; South Asia, India]

MISHIMA Teiko [Anthropology, international migration; Senegal, West Africa]

MORI Akiko [Cultural anthropology, ethnography of central Europe, Germany, Austria, Japan]

NISHIO Tetsuo [Linguistics,Arab culture, Middle East, North Africa]

NIWA Norio [Social Anthropology, Oceania]

NOBAYASHI Atsushi [Ethnoarchaeology, material culture, Austronesian cultures; East Asia, Formosa]

NOBUTA Toshihiro [Social anthropology; Southeast Asia, Malaysia]

SAITO Akira [Ethnohistory; Latin America]

SAITO Reiko [Aynu and Northern indigenous peoples studies, material culture; North Pacific Rim]

SATO Koji [Architectural history, ethno-architecture; Southeast Asia, Oceania]

SHINMEN Mitsuhiro [Science of religion; Eastern Europe]

UDAGAWA Taeko [Cultural anthropology, gender studies; Italy, Mediterranean Europe]

YAMANAKA Yuriko [Comparative study of traditions on Alexander the Great; West Asia, Iran]

YOKOYAMA Hiroko [Cultural anthropology, Chinese society and culture]

DEGUCHI Masayuki [Third sector research, civil society studies]

FUKUOKA Shota [Audio-visual Media in Performing Arts Studies/Modern History of Traditional Performing Arts of West Java]

HAN Min [Social anthropology, China]

HIDAKA Shingo [The Development of the Warmed Carbon Dioxide Processing]

HIRAI Kyonosuke [Ethnomusicology, performing arts of Asia]

HIROSE Koujirou [Japanese religious history, folklore]

IIDA Taku [A Descriptive Study of Household Property in Madagascar Rural Areas]

KIKUSAWA Ritsuko [Linguistics, Austronesian languages]

KISHIGAMI Nobuhiro [Cultural anthropology, Inuit studies, anthropology of marine resources]

MARUKAWA Yuzo [Informatics of association, information service for cultural assets]

MATSUO Mizuho [Cultural anthropology, South Asian Studies]

Matthews, Peter Joseph [Ethnobotany, prehistory, crop plant biogeography; Asia, Pacific]

OTA Shimpei [Sociocultural anthropology, Northeast Asian studies]

SASAHARA Ryoji [Folk culture, performing arts; Japan]

SUGASE Akiko [Anthropology, Middle Eastern Area Study]

SEKI Yuji [South American archaeology, cultural anthropology]

SONODA Naoko [Basic Analysis of Museum Environment (Temperature and Relative Humidity) Part 3]

SUZUKI Motoi [Anthropological perspectives on development assistance evaluations]

SUZUKI Nanami [Cultural anthropology, culture of medicine, life-design studies, American and European medieval social history]

TERADA Yoshitaka [Ethnomusicology, performing arts of Asia]

UDA Shuhei

UEBA Yoko [Textile and Handcraft; South Asia, Middle East]

YOSHIDA Kenji [A Study of the Preservation and Representation of Cultural Heritage: A Museological Approach]

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