The National Museum of Ethnology (Minpaku) is a research center for ethnology and cultural anthropology.


Min-packs are learning packets for school children.  Each Min-pack is delivered in a suitcase and has a theme designed so that children can see and feel ethnological materials brought back from some region in the world and learn about the people who utilize them in their everyday life.  A Min-pack contains materials such as clothes, musical instruments, and other commonly-used artifacts, along with learning aids (such as a “Topic Sheet” for children), and instructions for teachers.  Min-packs are loaned to schools and other educational institutions and are returned to the Museum after use.  For further information, refer to the Japanese site
List of currently available Min-packs
  • Living in the Extreme North: Anoraks and Duffle Coats from the Inuit in Canada
  • Treasure Box of the Andes: The Festivals and Life of the Peruvian Southern Highlands
  • Understanding Javanese Culture through Wearing their Costumes: Salun and Kain
  • Islam and Life of the Arab World
  • School Life in Bhutan
  • Seoul Style: A Day in the Life of Children in Seoul
  • Seoul Children After-school
  • Indian Costumes: Saris and Kurtas
  • Bricolage Art
  • The World of the Arabian Nights
  • Ainu Culture Encounter
  • Ainu Culture Encounter 2 - Clothing made from bark fiber
  • Expedition to the Steppes of Mongolia
  • The 2011 Umesao Tadao Exhibition