Japanese English
  NIHU Area Studies Project for South Asia,
  Centre for Transdisciplinary Innovation

KANNO Misako
Research Fellow
Research Specialisation: Cultural Anthropology, Gender, South Asian Area Studies
Individual Research Project: Family Care and Social Welfare for an Aging Population in rural North India.

  Academic Qualifications

B.A. Miyagi-Gakuin Women’s University 1998
M.A. Hiroshima University 2001
Ph.D. The Graduate University for Advanced Studies 2007

  Research Interest


Transformation of women’s lives and gender relations in rural Uttar Pradesh, India
Women’s political participation and social change in India
Elderly care and social support in Rural India.

  Research Keywords


Anthropology, Women’s agency and identity formation, Gender, Aging and Social welfare, Social development, Uttar Pradesh

  Publications (English Publications Only)



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