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  National Museum of Ethnology

TAMORI Masakazu
Special Visiting Associate Professor, National Museum of Ethnology
Research Specialisation: Social Anthropology, Ethnomusicology, South Asian Area Studies
Individual Research Project: An Anthropological Study on the Reproduction-Transformation of Musical Tradition and Social Relationship in North India

  Academic Qualifications

B.Sc. Saitama University 1983
B.A. Saitama University 1995
M.A. Saitama University 1997
Ph.D. The University of Tokyo 2011

  Research Interest


Modernization and globalization of South Asian societies and communities
Religion and Music:Socio-cultural coexistence of Hindu and Muslim
Musical tradition and social relationship of musical communities in Rajasthan
Impact of the cultural policy, development of media and educational system on musical

  Research Keywords


North India, Rajasthan, Religion and Music, Social Organization of Musicians, Globalization of Indian Music, Oral Tradition and History

  Publications (English Publications Only)



The Transformation of Sarod Gharana: Transmitting Musical Property in
Hindustani Music. Music and Society in South Asia: Perspectives from Japan (Senri Ethnological Studies71), Yoshitaka Terada(ed.), pp.169- 202, Osaka: National Museum of Ethnology.




The Past and Present of North Indian Classical Music. Owning and Using: Circuits of Knowledge in North Indian Classical Music. Research Symposium at Jadavpur University, 15-16 January, Kolkata, India.