The National Museum of Ethnology (Minpaku) is a research center for ethnology and cultural anthropology.

Center for Cultural Resource Studies



NOBAYASHI Atsushi[Ethnoarchaeology, material culture, Austronesian cultures; East Asia, Formosa]
KISHIGAMI Nobuhiro[Social structure, cosmology, risk and disaster; Melanesia, Polynesia, Japan]
SASAHARA Ryoji[Folk culture, performing arts; Japan]
TERADA Yoshitaka[Ethnomusicology, performing arts of Asia]
YAMANAKA Yuriko[Comparative study of traditions on Alexander the Great; West Asia, Iran]
Associate Professor
ITO Atsunori[Social anthropology, Native American studies, indigenous arts and intellectual property issues]
SAITO Reiko[Aynu and Northern indigenous peoples studies, material culture; North Pacific Rim]
NIWA Norio[Social anthropology; Oceania]
MINAMI Makito[Ecological anthropology; South Asia]
Assistant Professor
YAGI Yuriko[Cultural Anthropology, Religious Studies, Peru]
Sohee Che
Project Assistant Professor