The National Museum of Ethnology (Minpaku) is a research center for ethnology and cultural anthropology.

Faculty Members (by department)

The National Museum of Ethnology

Deputy Directors-General

Department of Advanced Human Sciences

Associate Professor
Assistant Professor
  • SAGARA Keiko Sign Language Typology, Deaf education
  • SUEMORI Kaoru Conservation Science, Chinese Buddhist Art History, Cultural Heritage Studies

Department of Cross-Field Research

  • HAN Min Social Anthropology; China
  • HAYASHI Isao Social structure, cosmology, risk and disaster; Melanesia, Polynesia, Japan
  • KASHINAGA Masao Ethnography of Southeast Asia; Vietnam, Tai area
  • MATTHEWS, Peter J. Ethnobotany, prehistory, crop plant biogeography; Asia, Pacific
  • UDAGAWA Taeko Cultural anthropology, gender studies; Italy, Mediterranean Europe
Associate Professor

Department of Modern Society and Civilization

  • IIDA Taku Ecological anthropology, fisher studies; Madagascar, Japan
  • IKEYA Kazunobu Environmental anthropology, cultural geography; Southern Africa, Japan
  • SAITO Akira Ethnohistory; Latin America
  • SEKI Yuji South American archaeology, cultural anthropology
  • SUZUKI Motoi Anthropological perspectives on development assistance evaluations
Associate Professor
Assistant Professor

Department of Globalization and Humanity

  • HIRAI Kyonosuke Social anthropology; Southeast Asia, Japan
  • MIO Minoru Religious anthropology; South Asia, India
  • MORI Akiko Cultural anthropology, ethnography; Central Europe, Germany, Austria, Japan
  • NISHIO Tetsuo Linguistics, Arab culture; Middle East, North Africa
  • NOBUTA Toshihiro Social anthropology, Southeast Asian Studies
  • SUZUKI Nanami Cultural anthropology, culture of medicine, life-design studies, American and European medieval social history
Associate Professor

Center for Cultural Resource Studies

Associate Professor
  • ITO Atsunori Social anthropology, Native American studies, indigenous arts and intellectual property issues
  • MINAMI Makito Ecological anthropology; South Asia
  • NIWA Norio Social anthropology; Oceania
  • SAITO Reiko Ainu and Northern indigenous peoples studies, material culture; North Pacific Rim
Assistant Professor