The National Museum of Ethnology (Minpaku) is a research center for ethnology and cultural anthropology.

Staff Members

HAMADA Akinori
HAMADA AkinoriHAMADA Akinori
Department of Advanced Studies in Anthropology・Research Fellow
Research Specialization
  • Medical Anthropology, Ghana
Individual Research Projects
  • 1. An Ethnographic Study of Biomedicine in Southern Ghana
  • 2. A Theoretical Study of Medical Anthropology
Personal website

Academic Qualifications

  • Ph.D. (Sociology) Hitotsubashi University 2012
  • M.A. Chiba University 2005
  • B.A. Chiba University 2003

Research Interests

  1. Distribution of pharmaceuticals
  2. Health insurance and mutual aid practice
  3. Multiplicity of dispositif and its effect

Research Keywords

Pharmaceuticals, Health Insurance, Biomedicine, Governmentality, Ghana

Selected Publications

'Medical Technology as Cultural Interface' In Heung Wah Wong and Keiji Maegawa (eds.) Revisiting Colonial & Post-Colonial: Anthropological Studies of Cultural Interface. Los Angeles: Bridge21.
'Payment and Milieu of Mutual-Aids: The National Health Insurance Scheme and Multiple Cares in Southern Ghana' In Mohasci Gergely (ed.), Ecologies of Care: Innovations through Technologies, Collectives and the Senses. Readings in Multicultural Innovation, Vol. 4O, pp.161-177. Osaka: Doctoral Program for Multicultural Innovation.


'Interference in a Milieu: On Multiple Governments of Multiple Actors around Tuberculosis Treatment Projects in Southern Ghana', International Symposium "How Do Biomedicines Shape Life, Sociality and Landscape?", National Museum of Ethnology, Japan (September 27, 2015).
'Payment and Milieu of Mutual-Aids: The National Health Insurancce Scheme and Multiple Cares in Southern Ghana', The International Union of Anthropological and Ethnological Sciences Inter-Congress 2014, Makuhari-Messe, Japan.
'Possibility and Impossibility of Critique: Document making in Rural Health Center of Southern Ghana', Graduate Workshop in Translational Movements, Osaka University, Japan (March 4, 2012).
'Mutual Aid in the Payment of Medical Fees : Acceptance of National Health Insurance Scheme in Southern Ghana', 4th European Conference on African Studies, Uppsala University, Sweden. (June 18, 2011)