The National Museum of Ethnology (Minpaku) is a research center for ethnology and cultural anthropology.

Info-Forum Museum

Throughout history, humans have produced a variety of tools, ceremonial artifacts, buildings, songs, dances, and oral traditions, among many other things. However, since the 1980s, many such cultural resources are on the verge of disappearance confronted by the phenomenon of rapid globalization. Protecting the continuation and ensuring creation of ethnic cultures, or the shared cultural assets of humanity, is a challenge that must be tackled from a global perspective.
Since its inception 40 years ago, Minpaku has been devoted to research on ethnic cultures, and to collecting ethno-cultural materials and information from around the world. Today, it is considered vital to share such information, embodied in physical objects as well as intangible information and practices, as a "cultural resources of the world," and to ensure that it is passed on to future generations.
The staff of Minpaku will be working collaboratively with other research institutes, universities, museums, and local societies, both in Japan and around the world, to conduct international collaborative research based on diverse cultural resources held by Minpaku and its partner organizations. The results of this research will be added to the basic information already organized for each cultural resource, and will be documented and recorded. Further, this enriched information will be disseminated via the Info Museum in the form of multilingual, multimedia-compatible, digital archives that will serve as a basis for forum discussions and examination.
There are two aspects to this project: One is the conduct international collaborative research projects on specific cultural resources and the turning of the results into a body of information with multilingual content. The other is to create the system for the Info Museum, and then ensure the operations.
As the project matures, global sharing and joint use of resources will become possible, based on an alliance of international partner organizations. The staff of Minpaku wishes to make this valuable resource available to researchers, culture-bearers and the general public, so that they all can put it to use for research, education, inter-generational transmission of culture, and the acquisition of information.

Project for Database Establishment (project period: max. 4 years)

【Projects in the Past】Project for Database Establishment

Project for Database Improvement (project period: max. 2 years)

【Projects in the Past】Project for Database Improvement