The National Museum of Ethnology (Minpaku) is a research center for ethnology and cultural anthropology.

Research Theme List

General Research

  1. Ethnological research in Hokkaido, Sakhalin and Kuril Islands from the Meiji Era to the end of World War II: A review of the Ainu, Uilta and Nivkh Collections in the National Museum of Ethnology (2012-2016): SAITO Reiko
  2. Maritime networks in the Asia-Pacific region in the past 50,000 years (2012-2016): ONO Rintaro
  3. An anthropological study of "Control" and "Public": Community, information and resources in Myanmar (2012-2016): TOSA Keiko
  4. Innovating the Narrative of Visual Ethnography (2013-2016): KAWASE Itsushi
  5. Political Economy of Sacred Places (2013-2017): SUGIMOTO Yoshio
  6. A Study of Relationship-building Using Ethnological Materials (2013-2017): ITO Atsunori
  7. Politics of Representation ―― Special reference to indigenous or minority populations in the globalizing world (2013-2017): KUBOTA Sachiko
  8. Emergence and Performance of Agency: Prospects for Next-Generation Anthropology from a Communication Perspective (2013-2017): SUGISHIMA Takashi
  9. Re-creating Religious Anthropology: The Permeation of Religiosity in the Contemporary World (2013-2017): NAGATANI Chiyoko
  10. Popular cultures in Southeast Asia: Identity, nation-state and globalization (2013-2017): FUKUOKA Madoka
  11. The Formation and Development of Document Network Systems in the Modern Hispanic World (2013-2017): YOSHIE Takafumi
  12. A Study of Contemporary "Handiwork" Culture (2014-2018): UEBA Yoko
  13. Early Modern Catholic Global Missions and Cultural Accommodation (2014-2018): SAITO Akira
  14. An Anthropological Study on the Flexible Interface of Family with Society: The (De)Institutionalization of Parenting Service and Nursing Care (2014-2018): MORI Akiko
  15. Political Classification: Rethinking Ethnicity and Race from the Perspectives of the Colonized (2014-2018): OTA Yoshinobu
  16. The Modernization of Lifestyles Seen from Everyday Utensils and Home Appliances and Its International Applicability (2014-2017): KAGAMI Haruya
  17. The Contemporary Phase of Magical "Practice-knowledge": Focusing on the Relationship between Magical and Other Kinds of "Practice-knowledge" (2014-2018): KAWADA Makito
  18. "History" as a Resource: through the Analysis of Ethnic Groups in South China. (2014-2018): HASEGAWA Kiyoshi
  19. An Interdisciplinary Study of Children's Culture and Society from the Viewpoint of Their Artifacts in Modern Japan (2014-2018): KORESAWA Hiroaki

Junior Researchers

  1. An Anthropological Study on the Roles of Religion in Development (2013-2016): ISHIMORI Daichi
  2. Becoming groups: The anthropological study of multiple redistribution (2013-2016): HAMADA Akinori
  3. Men, Objects, and Bodies in Performance: Exploring the Intersection of Performing Arts Studies and the Anthropology of Materiality (2014-2017): YOSHIDA Yukako