The National Museum of Ethnology (Minpaku) is a research center for ethnology and cultural anthropology.

Calls for Applications for Joint Research Projects

  • SUDO Ken'ichi: An Anthropological Study of the Relationship between Overseas Migration and Homeland Society in Oseania
Department of Social Research
  • HAN Min: An Anthropological Study of China under Revolution, Reform and Globalization
  • IKEYA Kazunobu: The Studies of Livestock Breeding among the Farmers in Asia and Africa
  • INTOH Michiko: A Comprehensive Study of the History of Human Movement into Island Environments
  • KONAGAYA Yuki: Socialist Modernization in Mongolia
  • MATTHEWS, Peter J.: “Wild Taro in Southern Japan and Southeast Asia: an Urgently Needed Ehnobotanical and Genetic Survey” / Taro Research in Oceania / Ancient Starch Research Project / Origins and Evolution of Taro in Oceania, Southeast Asia, and Africa
  • MISHIMA Teiko: An Anthropological Study of the International Migration of African Traders: Ethnic Culture and Politic and Economic System
  • NISHIO Tetsuo: A Study of the Literary Genesis of Orientalism
  • OTA Shimpei: Integration and Variation of Cultures in Korean Society
  • SATO Koji: A Reconstruction of the History of Wooden Houses in Southeast Asia
  • SHOJI Hiroshi: A Study of the Multi-lingualization of Japan and Related Phenomena
  • TAMURA Katsumi: AN Anthropological Study of State and Culture in Southeast Asia
  • UDAGAWA Taeko: Reconsideration and Reconstruction of the Public and the Intimate
  • YOKOYAMA Hiroko: Systems for Realizing Convivial Social Spaces / Culture and Identity in Yunnan of China and Its Adjacent Areas
Department of Cultural Research
Department of Advanced Studies in Anthropology
  • IIDA Taku: A Descriptive Study of Household Property in Madagascar Rural Areas
  • KIKUSAWA Ritsuko: Methodologies for Reconstructing Morphosyntactic Features in Comparative Linguistics / Methods for Exhibiting Language at a Museum
  • SUZUKI Motoi: Practicing Anthropology for International Development
  • SAITO Akira: The Impact of the Resettlement Policy on Native Society in Spanish South America
  • SASAKI Shiro: The Change from Pre-Modern to Modern in the Lower Amur Region
  • SUZUKI Nanami: Comparative Research on Aging and Inclusion
  • TERADA Yoshitaka: Minorities and Music / Globalization of Indian Music and Dance
Center for Research Development
  • HIRAI Kyonosuke: The Anthropology of Community Museums: Cases from Thailand and Minamata
  • ITO Atsunori: A Research Study for the Collaborative Management of Native American Collections in Japanese Museums
  • KASHINAGA Masao: Traditions of the Tai Dam in Vietnam and Laos
  • KISHIGAMI Nobuhiro: A Cultural Anthropological Study of Contemporary Feasts and Food Sharing in Inupiat Society of Alaska, USA
  • MIO Minoru: An Anthropological Study on the Transformation of Religion and Culture in Western India
  • NIWA Norio: A Cultural Anthropological Study of Model Villages for Development Focusing on Rural Areas of Fiji Islands
  • NOBAYASHI Atsushi: The Iberian Pig: An Anthropological Approach to Pig Feeding Systems and the Process of Creating a New Local Brand in the Iberian Peninsula / An Anthropological Study on the Classification and Reconstruction of Taiwan Indigenous Peoples: The Interaction of Academism, System and All Concerned
  • SEKI Yuji: Studies on the Formation of Power in the Ancient Andes
  • SUGASE Akiko: Veneration of Al-Khader in Palestine and Israel
  • TSUKADA Shigeyuki: Cultural Resources and Networking of the Zhuang in Guangxi, South China
Research Center for Cultural Resources
  • ASAKURA Toshio: An Anthropological Study of Overseas Koreans
  • FUKUOKA Shota: Audio-visual Media in Performing Arts Studies / Modern History of Traditional Performing Arts of West Java
  • HAYASHI Isao: A Study of Ethnographic Methods in Disaster Research
  • HIDAKA Shingo: The Development of the Warmed Carbon Dioxide Processing
  • KAWASE Itsushi
  • KOBAYASHI Shigeki: A Study of the Exploitation of Cultural Resources / An Anthropological Study of the Culture of Tools
  • KUBO Masatoshi: A Basic Study on Constructing Forum-Type Ethnological Research Archives
  • MINAMI Makito: Forms of Social Inclusion: Challenges by Trial and Error in New Nepal
  • NOBUTA Toshihiro: An Anthropological Study of Ethnocide
  • SONODA Naoko: Basic Analysis of Museum Environment (Temperature and Relative Humidity) Part 3
  • UEBA Yoko: An Ethno-Artistic Study of Handicraft Culture in Contemporary India
  • YOSHIDA Kenji: A Study of the Preservation and Representation of Cultural Heritage: A Museological Approach
  • YAMAMOTO Yasunori: Core Metadata for Museum Objects in Humanities