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  • 開催日時:2020年6月13日(土)13:00 - 15:00
  • 開催場所:zoom
  • 使用言語:日本語
  • 対  象:研究者
  • 参加方法:参加無料/要事前申込
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Urban Citizenship in Delhi: Teenage Girls in the Slum and Going Out

Tomoyuki CHAYA (National Institutes for the Humanities/ Center for South Asian Studies at the National Museum of Ethnology)

This presentation describes teenage slum-dwelling girls’ urban life, particularly addressing secondary school students in Delhi. Young slum-dwellers were restricted from venturing outside the slum for various reasons, such as the frequency of theft and drug-related crimes, and rumors of sexual relations and prostitution. Nevertheless, secondary school students living in the slum left often as a matter of course to attend school and cram school. When attending these schools, they faced strict test situations. Some dropped out of school because of their failed test efforts. Results show that their friend relationships have become separated into those with school friends and slum friends. This study revealed that teenage slum-dwelling girls attending secondary school have continued creation of citizenship through participation in urban life by sharing enjoyment with friends despite restrictions against going out imposed by parents. While avoiding restrictions in the slum by returning home directly after completing their school tasks, they visit cybercafés to chat with friends, parks to sing and dance with school friends, and so on. This report illustrates that urban citizenship studies should specifically examine not only acquisition of government resources, as earlier studies have; they should also investigate relationships and interactions among family members and friends.

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