National Museum of Ethnology
Department of Social Research・Professor
In the 20th century, China witnessed a socialist revolution, transition to a market economy, and waves of economic globalization. Against this background, I have been conducting research on patriarchal lineage , transition, and continuation of religious faith in China’s Han society, transformation of culture and history to resources in the context of tourism, and the meanings of Mao Tse-tung in contemporary society.
In this project, I focus upon the Sibe (Xibo) people in northern China, utilizing the findings of my past research on the Han people, and study the history of their forcible relocations (Qiqihar→Shenyang→Qapqal, Xinjiang) under the Eight Banner system(the social/military system under the Qing Dynasty), their memory of nature and families, their style of rites, and the maintenance of their ethnic culture and recent trends of cultural heritage amid their co-existence with other ethnic groups.

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