IKEYA Kazunobu
National Museum of Ethnology
Department of Cultural Research・Professor
My research has covered environmental anthropology and cultural geography with regard to utilization and management of natural resources that depend on diversity of nature in Northeast Asia. More specifically, I have focused on 1) reindeer herding and whaling in Chukotka in northeastern Russia, and 2) edible wild plant gathering including zenmai, bear hunting, and utilization of marine resources in the Tohoku region of Japan. In this project, based on my two research results in these regions, I have committed myself to research of “Environmental History of Northeast Asia from a Marine Perspective.” My reflections on how to realize sustainable utilization of resources in Northeast Asia through historical changes of the relationship between human beings and other living creatures in the Bering Sea, the Okhotsk Sea, the Japan Sea, and the East China Sea will be deepened.

Among my research results are: IKEYA Kazunobu, Cultural Ecology of Zenmai Gathering, Tohoku University Press, Sendai, 2003; and IKEYA Kazunobu (ed.): Approaches to Global Environmental History, Iwanami Shoten, 2009.

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