National Museum of Ethnology
Department of Cultural Research・Associate Professor
I have been conducting surveys and research on northern indigenous cultures including the Aynu and people living in northwest coast of North America. Having worked long as a museum curator, I have been interested in material culture. Of this, I have been paying special attention to artifacts for commerce, and studying how culture has been transformed and inherited with its recognition in tourism and art.

To make active use of various museum resources, I have also been engaged in practical study such as reviewing information from existing materials, objects, and other resources as well as how our database shall be rearranged for easier access.

Among the main research results of mine is: SAITO Reiko (ed.) “Historical Development and Current Issues of Canadian Indigenous Art: The Results of Research on the Inuit and Northwest Coast Peoples Prints Collection at the National Museum of Ethnology,” Senri Ethnological Reports (SER) 131, 2015.

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