OTA Shimpei C.
National Museum of Ethnology
Department of Social Research・Associate Professor
My research target areas, the Korean Peninsula is deeply related to North East Asian countries / areas historically. Especially, South Korean government started raising their awareness of the regional concept “North East Asia” at the national level around 2000, and has been focusing on promoting their uniqueness in the region whilst promoting their ties with the other countries / areas inside the region under the cooperation with the domestic private sectors and Korean academia.

In this project, my research focuses on the following four topics: (1) various aspects regarding how “authentic culture” or the traditions were shaped in modern Korea by comparison with the other countries / areas inside the region, (2) among other subjects, how the production method and artistic value of Goryeo celadon porcelain ware were reconstructed and established through the type of inter-region cooperative relationships, (3) how such Korean “authentic cultures” were differentiated in the art world and museums outside the region and how they are being differentiated now, and (4) in relation to these, how cooperative relationships between “North East Asian people” in the Western region are being constructed in recent years.

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