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Minpaku makes every effort to protect the personal information of visitors to this Website.
By using this Website, you agree to accept the Minpaku online privacy policy

No information is collected on individuals who only visit the site. The IP/Internet addresses of users are collected automatically by our servers, but this information does not identify you personally. Minpaku collects no personal information about users unless users themselves submit it.

You may, while visiting this site, see requests for personal information (e-mail address, name, address, age, etc.).
This personal information is handled appropriately and is never provided to third parties.

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Minpaku e-news is an e-mail magazine used to announce Minpaku events and is issued by Mag2, an internet bookstore. Only an e-mail address is needed to sign up to receive it. No other personal information (name, address, age or gender) is required. E-mail addresses are strictly confidential, and inquiries about them from anyone but their owners will not be answered. The source from which the magazine is distributed is also concealed.


This website contains links to other websites. Minpaku is not responsible for the privacy standards or the content of other websites.

Posting links to public pages on the Minpaku site requires neither our permission nor contacting us about it. Note, however, that except for <>, URLs are subject to change without notice.

The policies announced above are subject to change. All such changes will be announced on this website.


This website is the copyrighted property of the National Museum of Ethnology (Minpaku). Prior permission from our General Services Unit is required for the forwarding, reproduction, distribution, or other communication, in any form, of all or any part of the content available on this site. To request permission, please contact the Public Relations Planning Section.

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Social media operation policy

National Museum of Ethnology Social Media Management Policy [in Japanese]