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Minpaku Museum Partners (MMP)

Services at the Museum are supported by members of Minpaku Museum Partners (MMP). MMP members work as volunteers to provide assistance for the general public to improve Museum activities, but more importantly they provide various services to complement Museum activities (hence the name “partners” rather than “volunteers”).

MMP activities were launched in September, 2004. Currently there are around 100 members involved consisting of four groups, each of which has a specific focus. There are two groups for visitor services, one group for making the Museum “barrier free”, and another for providing support services in workshops and events. Another group focuses on interaction with schools, making plans to encourage schools to utilize the Museum’s resources more effectively. The fourth group focuses on providing interaction with local communities.

Lily-yarn Knitting Workshop

Co-operating with the artist at the “Lily-yarn
Knitting Workshop”

Lily-yarn Knitting Workshop

Guiding the visually-impaired on a special
one day walk through the Museum