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Morality within Neoliberalism

Research period:2017.10-2023.3

TANUMA Sachiko


Neo-liberalism, morality, globalism


This joint research effort will clarify the various representations of neoliberalism, and particularly to address the meanings and practices of the local context and a native’s perspective. Results will help us gain further insight into people’s life and problems based on ethnographic understanding. They are expected to contribute to exploration of future society.
Neoliberalism affects the entire world and our daily life, irrespective of our knowledge or interest in it. Nevertheless, how it emerges depends on the situation and the history, political and economic conditions, and the culture of the receiver. In this joint project, researchers in their 30s and 40s will exchange their information and thoughts based on their long-term fieldwork. They will attempt to understand the morality of the neoliberal world through examination of various ethnographic cases.