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MIO Minoru

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MIO Minoru

Department of Globalization and Humanity

Research Specialization Religious anthropology; South Asia, India
Individual Research Projects Anthropological Study on Transformation of Religion and Culture in Western India

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Academic Qualifications

  • B.A. University of Tokyo 1986
  • M.Soc, University of Tokyo 1988

Research Interests

  • Coexistence and conflicts of religious traditions in South Asia
  • Relationship between the religious nationalism and the daily religious practice in India
  • Impact of the growth of the urban middle class on the changes of religious festivals in India

Research Keywords

Rajasthan and Gujarat, India, Cultural Anthropology, Religious Anthropology

Publications (English publications only)

2015 Human and International Security in India. Minoru Mio, Crispin Bates, Akio Tanabe (eds.) London:Routledge.
2015 Community of retrospect: spirit cults and locality in an old city of Rajasthan. in Minoru Mio, Crispin Bates (eds.) 2015 Cities in South Asia. London:Routledge.pp.210-227
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2004 Looking for Love and Miracles: Multivocal Composition and Conflicts among Believers in a Sufi Mausoleum Festival of Rajasthan, India. Bulletin of the National Museum of Ethnology 2004 29 (1): 21–41
2000 National Discourse and Local Conflict: How Modernity Intervened in a Conflict over the Administration of a Sufi Saint’s Mausoleum in Mewar, Rajasthan. In H. Kotani, T. Fujii and F. Oshikawa (eds.) Fussing Modernity: Appropriation of History and Political Mobilization in South Asia. (JCAS Symposium Series 11), pp.131–146. Osaka: National Museum of Ethnology.
1999 Faith, Identity and Communal Discourse: Some Ethnological Considerations on the Conflicts over the Administration of a Sufi Saint’s Mausoleum in Rajasthan. In Steering Committee of the Research Project Institutions, Networks and Forces of Change in Contemporary South Asia (ed.) Rituals as Popular Culture: towards Historico-Anthropological Understanding of Modern Indian Society, pp.1–57.


2016 “Professor Srinivas and the development of social anthropological village study of India in Japan” at The International Workshop on M.N.Srinivas and Sociology of India. Delhi School of Economics, University of Delhi. (February 26, 2016)
2012 “Opening Address”, Diversity-driven Path of Economic Development; Small Scale Production, Commodity Consumption and Socio-cultural Representation in Modern India. London; London School of Economics and Political Science. (January 28, 2012)
2000 “Conflicting Identities and Levels of Ritual Participation in a Sufi Mausoleum Cult of Rajasthan, India.” Annual Meeting of the American Folklore Society at Columbus, Ohio.