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NIWA Norio

Staff Members

NIWA Norio

Department of Globalization and Humanity

Research Specialization Social anthropology; Oceania
Individual Research Projects The Anthropology of Support

Personal website

Academic Qualifications

  • B.A. Keio Univ. 1996
  • M.A. Tokyo Metropolitan Univ. 1999
  • Ph.D. Tokyo Metropolitan Univ. 2006

Research Interests

Social Movement, Economic Development, Conflict, Ethno-History, Minorities

Research Keywords

Oceania, Japan, Fijian, Indo-Fijian, Solomon Islanders, Japanese

Selected Publications

2011 Acquiring Land Rights through Marriage Practice: A Case Study of Solomon Islander Communities on western Viti Levu, Republic of the Fiji Islands. (in Japanease)
2010 Leaving their tradition behind: Development of the Lami movement in Fiji from 1949 to the 1990s.
2010 Development as Detraditionalization: Historical Anthropology of the Lami movement in Fiji. (in Japanease)
2008 Economic System and Ethnic Trait: An Analysis of the Introduction of Cooperative Assciations in the Fiji Islands. Nampo-Bunka: Tenri Bulletin of South Asian Studies 35: 101–122. (in Japanease)
2008 From Girmitiya to Twice Displaced People: A Short Note on Works and Lives of Brij Lal. Journal of Folk Culture Studies 9: 42–57. (in Japanease)
2005 Early Development of the Bula Tale Co-operative Group in Fiji Islands: Its Experimental Practice and Aftermath. People and Culture in Oceania 21: 43–59. (in Japanease)
2005 Fijian: The Coexistence of Fijian and Indian. The First People of Oceania, Tokyo: Akashi Shoten.
2005 The Formation and Development of One Counter-traditional Movement: A Case Study of the Ilami Fijian Corporation in the Republic of Fiji Islands Journal of Asian and African Studies 69: 183–210. (in Japanease)
2004 After ‘Tradition’: A Case Study about Social and Religious Activities of the Ex-Lami Members in Fiji Islands. Journal of Cultural Anthropology 5: 113–128. (in Japanease)
2004 Solomon Islanders in the Contemporary Fiji: A Case Study of Settlement in the Western Vitilevu. Annual Review of Social Anthropology 30: 161–173. (in Japanease)
2004 Endless Pouring: Kava Culture and Welcome Ceremony in Fiji. Feasts of the World Tokyo: Benseishuppan. (in Japanease)
2003 Once We Were Communists: The Bula Tale Cooperative Group Experiment and its Aftermath in Fiji. Nampo-Bunka: Tenri Bulletin of South Asian Studies 30: 67–84. (in Japanease)
2000 On Development of the Attempted Coup in Fiji, 19 of May, 2000. Newsletter of Japanese Society for Oceanic Studies 68: 12–18. (in Japanease)
2000 Introduction of Indirect Rule and Social Change in Fiji with Special Reference to the Tuka Movement. Annual Review of Social Anthropology 24: 51–70. (in Japanease)


2011 Kava Ceremony and Creation Story from Fiji (July 30)
2011 Learn the hula, dance the hula (July 23)