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SHINMEN Mitsuhiro

Staff Members

SHINMEN Mitsuhiro

Department of Cross-Field Research

Research Specialization Science of religion; Eastern Europe
Individual Research Projects The Thought and Strategy of Mircea Eliade and Emil Cioran through Exile

Academic Qualifications

  • B.A. Waseda Univ. 1983
  • M.A. Univ. of Tokyo 1986

Research Interests

Uniate and Romanian Nationalism

Current Research Topics

The uniate influenced romanian nationalism in modern Romania, especially in Transylvania. It was regarded the work of some priests discovering the origin of romanian ethnicity and making the theoretical base of the right of presence of romanian in Transylvania, which is still the topic of contraversy now. On the other hand, the Uniate was under the influence of Western European civilization. Because of this, the Uniate was strained with the Romanian Orthodox ,which was representative of romanian tradition and was under influence of Bizanz. I would like to clarify the role of the Uniate in Romanian history.

Research Keywords

Romania, Maramures, Romania, Science of Religion