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Research organization

Department of Advanced Human Sciences

The purpose of this Department is to deepen theoretical research in the basic study of human sciences and thereby extract new academic challenges and create a new cross-disciplinary domain.In addition, we have established a Sign Language Linguistics Research Section supported by the Nippon Foundation as a subsidized research section, with the objectives of promoting the comparative studies of sign languages and vocal languages and develop new insights into human language.

Department of Cross-Field Research

The Department aims to create a new domain of anthropological area studies by deepening regional ethnographic research in various regions of the world and establishing new foundations for cross-field research.

Department of Modern Society and Civilization

The Depar tment aims to create a set of new values for responding to that challenges humanity faces today, and to envisage the future of civilization through interdisciplinary approach of looking into the future by way of the events of the past.

Department of Globalization and Humanity

To create new values for responding to challenges that humanity faces today, the department and to envisage a global society through an interdisciplinary approach of taking a bird’s eye view of the world by way of regional events.

Center for Cultural Resource Studies

The Center aims to plan and promote research projects that improve the shareing of cultural resources in an interdisciplinary and international manner.