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Senri Ethnological Monographs

Senri Ethnological Monographs are published with the goal of bringing out highly developed works of a systematic and comprehensive nature regarding specific peoples, regions, or themes, based on research by our Museum. Published in Japanese and other languages. An occasional publication.

[4] Hunter-Gatherers and the State

December 27, 2002 Publication


[4] Hunter-Gatherers and the State ( Published December 27, 2002 )
[3] Social History of the Zhuang during the Ming-Qing Period ( Published December 27, 2002 )
[2] Mexican Americans: Resistance and Creativity ( Published March 28, 2000 )
[1] Blessed by the Tie that Binds: Gift Exchange and Social Networks in Borneo ( Published December 24, 1999 )