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Conservation Science Research on the Establishment of Sustainable Collection Management and Museum Environment

Research period:2017.10-2023.3



Museum environment, collection management, conservation science


This museum, taking advantage of its special roles and features as a research institute with a museum function, supports fundamental and applied studies in conservation science. The studies undertaken for tangible collection include the following: development of a program that efficiently analyzes data related to the museum environment such as insect trap investigation and temperature/humidity monitoring; improvement of exhibition and/or storage environments and their verification based on results of data analysis; development and application of non-chemical insecticidal measures; storage re-organization to conserve space and improve storage condition: , development of conservation and restoration techniques for cultural properties, including measures for use in cases of emergency.
This study will be conducted to further deepen earlier research results and to prepare a basis of sustainable collection management and conservation environment that satisfies social needs of the 21st century, for which further environmental consideration is fundamentally necessary. The targets of this study are both tangible collections and visual materials, although a new axis for the study is also included: presenting conservation conditions and guidelines that are applicable and practical not only for large-scale museums or other facilities but also for small-scale museums or for individual collectors constrained by equipment, human resource, and budget limitations. Furthermore, the importance of conservation and access for collection in light of social needs of the 21st century will be analyzed and reconsidered.