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Production and consumption of traditional textiles: The transformation of local perceptions through the politics of cultural heritage and tourism

Research period:2018.10-2023.3



traditional textiles,tourism,cultural heritage


This study will examine the processes whereby traditional textiles embedded in a set of social and cultural contexts within a local life-world are commercialized and circulated on global markets.
We will pay a particular attention to the ways in which the promotion of tourism and “heritagization” have affected the production and consumption of traditional textiles in the Asian region. The authentication of cultural objects as heritage inevitably treats them as national assets, and place them within a higher, global context; the endeavors in the tourist industry, at the same time, accelerates commoditization, which make these objects open to external evaluation.
More specifically, we will address the following questions: How are individual, traditional textile crafts now assigned value?; How has the local significance associated with each product changed among local producers and their society as a whole?; and Have those local changes affected the selection of techniques and materials that are used to produce these textiles?