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Exploring an alternative notion of community in uncertain times: contingent arrangement of material, institutional, and body settings

Research period:2020.10-2023.3

MORI Akiko


biopolitics,human-nonhuman relations,care 


How are things and the others mediated in today’s ever-globalizing world? This research project will depict how institutions and materials such as facilities and buildings are intertwined and contingently arranged with human bodies based on an ethnographic research approach. For example, when institutions and facilities that accept and accommodate the bodies of immigrants, refugees, elderly, and the sick are created, the institutions and facilities force changes in human body-mediated interactions, and impact the surrounding people and other institutions and facilities. If there are bodies that attempt to deviate from an institution, further rearrangement of the institution occurs or new ones are created. In this way, the contingent arrangement and restructuring of settings formed by materials, institutions, and bodies are repeated based on interactions via the immediate other and living bodies. Here we will view the relatedness that accompanies physicality from the perspective of place. We will attempt to gain insight into the social modalities that have begun to appear in the 21st century through examining the settings of places that are contingently arranged depending on the situation.