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Interdisciplinary Study on Reproductive Technology and Childrearing in Modern Asia

Research period:2021.10-2024.3



 Reproductive Technology,Gender,Reproduction


As we reach an era in which technology can be used to create life on a global scale, local cultures will unavoidably be transformed by technology. However, just as technologies can limitlessly amplify our ambitions, local cultures can also restrict technologies and selectively choose among them. In that light, how is Asia today dealing with these technologies of life? The present research examines how new technologies connected to reproduction such as reproductive technologies and prenatal testing are understood and being used in Asia today. It also considers the sorts of environments in which children are being born and in which these technologies exist. It lays out the kinds of frameworks within which children are reared in those cases when technology is not being used.
Specifically, focusing on 14 Asian countries, this research analyzes the conditions and attitudes regarding infertility treatment, in vitro fertilization, third party reproduction, prenatal genetic testing such as NIPT, and induced abortion and examines regional similarities and differences.
This research should make possible a multi-faceted discovery of the causes and mechanisms behind how approaches toward dealing with local population increases/decreases, infertility, and unexpected pregnancies change in connection with technology and globalization.