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Experimental Film Project for Extended Interdisciplinary Fields

Research period:2018.10-2022.3



Sensory Ethnography,Studies of Culture and Representation,Curatorial Studies


The fine arts and photography- and film-based forms of expression in particular have been marked by a notable expansion in fieldwork and other anthropological methods based on field observations and measurements. Additionally, the humanities have witnessed the increasingly widespread acceptance of the concept of art-based research, which argues for the necessity of research that utilizes photography, film, music, and other artistic techniques. As these examples indicate, investigative approaches that transcend the boundaries of traditional disciplines are making advances day by day. With that trend in mind, for this study we will assemble a team of specialists in the arts, including film anthropologists, cultural anthropologists, curators, art coordinators, and artists, and endeavor to connect theoretical perspectives from diverse fields with the real world through the medium of art. This study will have the objective of fostering the development of interdisciplinary research platforms that allow specialists from different fields to interact, collaborate, and through those activities, exchange knowledge and technology, and will also strive through that endeavor to extend and advance the respective architectures (frameworks, structures) of traditional disciplines.