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Interactions between Sensuosity and Institutions: Examining Evocation and Valuation in Art Practices

Research period:2019.10-2023.3

OGATA Shirabe




This inter-university research project will examine the inseparability of sensuosity and institutions in the production and exhibition of art, with a focus on “evocation” and “valuation” in the agency of various entities including non-human ones such as things and institutions.
The relationship between local practice and global institutions based on the power involved in presupposing the universality of beauty and art has been an issue in the anthropology of art since the late 1980s. However, since the end of the 1990s, the study of material culture and agency theory have flourished, showing the linkage and co-production between the agency of people and of things. But it has not been fully examined how the “evocation” and “fascination” addressed in the latter are connected with the institutions and aesthetic decisions dealt with in the former.
This research project will examine how sensuosity and institutions are inseparably connected, and shed light on the diversity of “evocation” and “valuation” in art practices, including painting and fashion and spatial design around the world, music, landscapes of different time periods and countries, and performance.