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Relationships between Indigenous Peoples and Information Societies

Research period:2020.10-2023.3

KONDO Shiaki


Urban indigenous peoples,digital anthropology,identity


The objective of this research project is to shed light on how indigenous peoples construct lifeworlds in urbanized and informationized contemporary society through comparative research. It is well known that migration to urban areas and the urbanization of traditional living areas have increased among indigenous societies around the world (Aoyagi and Matsuyama, Indigenous Peoples and Cities, Aoki Shoten, Tokyo 1999). However, in addition to this theme of indigenous peoples and cities that has been discussed up to now, with the recent advent of informationized societies it is also necessary to think about the relationship between information technology and indigenous peoples. How has the emergence of communication technologies such as smartphones and social media changed the lifestyles of indigenous peoples? Communications between traditional territories and urban areas have become easier due to new technologies. What kind of impact can we observe in such profound change? While indigenous peoples can now communicate in digital space, hate speech toward minorities, including indigenous peoples, has become rampant. How can we think about “digital sovereignty” for indigenous peoples? This project aims to contribute to answering such questions.