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Associate Professor
Department of Advanced Human Sciences

Research Specialization Ethnomusicology, South Asian Studies
Individual Research Projects 1.Traditional Polyphony and Singing Culture of Naga Tribes in Northeast India
2.Modern Transmission of Hindustani Classical Music

Academic Qualifications

Tokyo University of the Arts, 2006, MA (Musicology)
Tokyo University of the Arts, 2010, Ph.D. (Musicology)

Research Interests

Keyboard Instruments and Glocalization in India
The Working of Rasa on Hindustānī Classical Music
Music and Cultural Identities of Naga Tribes of Indian Minorities
Traditional Polyphonic Singing Culture and Cooperativity in Asia

Current Research Topics

Traditional Polyphonic Singing Culture of Naga Tribes of Indian Minorities
Folk Songs of Chakhesang Naga called ‘Li’ and the Project for Educational Resources

Research Keywords

Improvement in Musical Instruments, Harmonium, Glocalization, Polyphony, Naga, Minorities, India

Selected Publications

2018 Review: Up Down & Sideways: Kho ki pa lu. Yearbook for Traditional Music 2018, Volume 50, International Council for Traditional Music, pp.244-245.
2016 Keyboard Instruments in India: The Process of the Glocal Improvement and Diffusion of Harmonium and Electric Keyboard (In Japanese, Keisuisya, 2016)